Mount Athos, 1971


by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos


The pictures of this presentation (a sample of over 300 from a total of 736 slides) can be used to obtain an idea about the changes done in Mount Athos since 1971. The image of the Holy Mountain changed more in the last fifty years than in the previous thousand ones.



The geographical coordinates are those of the object shown, not of the position of the camera used.



A few words about this collection of photos


Part 1. From Ouranoupolis to Dafni

Part 2. From Dafni to Karyes

Part 3. From Karyes to Vatopedi

Part 4. From Vatopedi to Pantokratoras

Part 5. From Pantokratoras to Stavronikitas

Part 6. From Stavronikitas to Iviron

Part 7. From Iviron to Philotheou

Part 8. From Philotheou to Karakallou

Part 9. From Karakallou to Megisti Lavra

Part 10. From Megisti Lavra to the Skete of the Holy Trinity (Kaphsokalyvia)

Part 11. From the Skete of the Holy Trinity to Pavlou

Part 12. From Pavlou to Dionysiou

Part 13. From Dionysiou to Grigoriou

Part 14. From Grigoriou to Simopetra

Part 15. From Simopetra to Panteleimonos

Part 16. Monks



The development of these slides in 1971 was very bad. All slides were digitized with an Epson Perfection V750 PRO scanner.

Dust and other marks on the slide surfaces were removed with Epson’s and other software. Some bad work of the development (as result of overused chemicals) is still visible but I believe that these pictures have something to offer despite their faults.


Some commentary will be added to most of the pictures.

Please allow me some time…


Nicholas, July 2017